E-visa without hassle
Completely electronic

Avoid submitting your passport without security. No papers need to be submitted.
All visas are done electronically from home via your computer quickly & easily. 

🇮🇳 Visa to India

from 900 kr

🇹🇭 Visa to Thailand

from 950 kr

🇻🇳 Visa to Vietnam

from 950 kr

🇨🇳 Visa to China

from 2.000 kr

🇸🇦 Visa to Saudi Arabia

from 2350 kr

Get a visa in 4 easy steps

Select visa type

Read through which visa types we offer and then choose the one that is suitable for you.

Order a visa

Make a purchase by filling in your details and choosing a payment method.


Submit your documents to us via the email confirmation you received from us.

Get your visa

We will send your e-visa by e-mail.

Why choose Mitt Visum


Easy application for e-visa to several countries with just a few clicks. Minimal hassle with our structured and smooth process.


Fast e-visa grant with our efficient service at a really good price. With effective prioritization, we ensure that you receive the visa in time for your trip


Total privacy and security. Highest level of protection for your personal data and payment information.

Visa applications to different countries

No matter where you live in Sweden, we offer a simple visa application solution that saves time and trouble. You no longer need to submit your passport or visit the embassy. We specialize in making the application process smooth for you. 

Right now you can apply for a visa to Vietnam, India and Thailand via our user-friendly platform. Sit back while we take care of the application for you and make the visa application easier than ever!

Frequently ask questions

Here you will find answers to most of the questions we usually get.
If you do not find the answer, you can contact us at info@mittvisum.se

To apply for a visa, you need a valid passport. There are many different visas to apply for and it can be difficult to know what you need to do to apply for a visa. Under all our visa types, you can read more about what is needed to apply for a visa. Click here to know more.

My Visa offers a fully electronic visa application process and no passports need to be submitted physically. All we need is a digital copy of your passport.

It usually takes up to 7 working days from the time we have received complete documentation.

Submit the necessary documents to confirm the email you received from us. We will then start your application in turn. Check how your application is going under my order.

All documentation is normally received by email and if you have sent us an email with documentation, we should have received your documentation. We have a full understanding of the specific requirements that apply to applications and will confirm once we have received full documentation. You can track your order primarily by entering the order number and social security number here

The easiest way to know the current status is to use Mitt Visa's own order status tool My Order. What you need to fill in is your order number and your email address. Click here to get to My Order.

We accept payment via debit and credit cards for a secure, fast and easy process.

Contact Us

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590 kr

Visa to India

If you want to travel to India, you can apply for a visa with us and you will receive it within a few days.

590 kr

Visa to Thailand

If you want to travel to Thailand, you can apply for a visa with us and you will receive it within a few days.

590 kr

Visa to Vietnam

If you want to travel to Vietnam, you can apply for a visa with us and you will receive it within a few days.

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