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Here you can order a visa for Saudi Arabia price. Our price includes both the authority fee and our service fee. Read more about each visa type further down the page.

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Tourist visa (30 days)
2.350 kr

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How to apply for a visa to Saudi Arabia

Step 1

Choose your visa type that suits you and pay for your chosen visa. Read more here under which visa to order. 

Step 2

Below you can read more about which documents/documents you need to fill in.

Step 3

Reply to the confirmation email you have received and attach all the necessary documents/documents you have filled out.

Tourist visa (30 days) to Saudi Arabia

Swedish citizens who plan to travel to Saudi Arabia must apply for a visa before they can enter the country. It is also required to have a special travel insurance (embassy requirement), which is included in the price. This insurance cannot be purchased separately and must be handled in conjunction with the visa application.

Swedish citizens have the option of applying for an e-visa for Saudi Arabia. The e-visa is valid for one year and allows multiple entries into the country. It is possible to stay up to 90 days on each entry. The e-visa to Saudi Arabia is intended as a tourist visa, family visa and also suitable for Umrah trips (but not during the Hajj period).

Handling time is between 1 and 2 weeks

These documents must be submitted to us via email to apply for an e-Visa to Saudi Arabia:

  • A fully completed application form. You can download the form by click here.
  • A scanned copy of the identity page of your passport. The passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the planned entry date.
  • A visa photo. We recommend that you use our digital photo service when ordering your visa.
  • A preliminary flight and hotel booking.

What is an e-Visa?

Starting in the 2000s, many countries introduced e-visas and electronic travel authorizations (ETAs) as an alternative to traditional visas. ETAs are pre-arrival registrations that can be officially or unofficially classified as visas depending on the issuing jurisdiction. They are required for exempt foreign travelers. If an ETA application is rejected, the traveler can choose to apply for a visa instead. E-visas are visas that travelers can easily apply for with us on My Visa and get online without visiting consulates or visa agencies. Read more about what an e-visa is

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