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We value our visitors and want to give you a good experience on our website. We therefore collect certain information about our visitors which is used to deliver the service you order and to analyze visitor data.

The company

Företaget heter Nordic Heroes AB och har organisationsnummer 559445-8878 med säte i Stockholm. Nordic Heroes AB är ett visumombud som hjälper till med att söka visum till ett antal olika länder. Vi tar emot er ansökan, kontrollerar den och hjälper er att komplettera. Vi sköter all kommunikation med respektive ambassad eller konsulat och skickar visumet till dig när det är klart. Vi erbjuder visumservice till ett flertal olika länder. Vi har ingen officiell anknytning till något lands ambassad. Det går bra att söka visum på egen hand utan att använda våra tjänster. 

Prices and payment

The prices are stated including VAT. In cases where a shipping cost or other costs are added, this is clearly stated in the shopping cart and before the purchase is confirmed. Prices presented are the total price which includes authority fees from the embassies and our service fee. We reserve the right to any price increases in the visa fee from the embassies. If a price increase occurs after payment has been made to us by the customer, we have the right to request compensation for the difference afterwards.

We also reserve the right to any printing and typing errors and incorrect information regarding visa regulations.

Betalningarna hanteras av Nets Easy, nets.eu. Anslutningen till Nets Easy sker över en krypterad förbindelse.

Age limit

Den som beställer av Mitt Visum måste vara minst 18 år gammal vid beställningstillfället.

Check your visa

When you have received your completed visa, you must check yourself that all the information on the visa is correct.

Delivery time and responsibility

We always strive for the fastest possible delivery time. If your application is incomplete or incorrect, it will take longer. The embassies' processing times apply from the moment we have received complete application documents from you.

The embassies are sometimes closed and then the processing times are extended. It is always the embassy that decides when the visa can be ready.

The delivery times that we indicate for each type of visa on the website are a normal value that applies to the majority of all applications. For individual cases, the processing time can be significantly longer.

Applying for a visa is no guarantee that you will be granted a visa. We are not responsible for the embassy's decisions.

Vi ansvarar inte för förlust i samband med transport. 

Undo - Purchase and Distance Contracts Act

You can cancel a purchase and get a full refund if we haven't received your application in time. Notify us as soon as possible that you wish to cancel the purchase. If we have received your documents and had time to start processing the application, as a rule, no refund can be made.

The right of withdrawal in the Distance Contracts Act does not apply to visa applications as it is a specially ordered service, which begins as soon as we receive your application.

Read more about the Distance Contracts Act at the Swedish Consumer Agency/Hello consumer: Click here

Collection of personal data

We comply with the data protection regulation (GDPR), which deals with the protection of personal data and regulates how personal data may be collected and handled by us.

Personal data is collected, stored and used by us in order to be able to handle your visa application and other ordered services.

The data will also be transferred to the respective embassy and to their service office where applicable, if required.

Additional information in addition to application forms and attachments may be collected from you via telephone, e-mail or documents submitted to us.

Providing complete and truthful information is a prerequisite for the visa application to be processed and for a fair decision to be made.

The information in the visa application and attachments will be stored by us until further notice. The embassies will archive all information in their own records. Other personal data such as name, address, social security number, telephone number, e-mail address, e-mail messages, customer history, etc. will be saved until further notice in our customer register.

By submitting an application to us, you agree to us handling your personal data as above.

Delete personal data

As a registered user, you have the right to access the information we have stored about you. You have the right to request correction if any information is incorrect, and you also have the right to request that the information be completely deleted in cases where it is possible under the law.

Personal data controller

Personuppgiftsansvarig är Nordic Heroes AB. E-postadress info@mittvisum.se. Telefon nummer 0724331433. Postadress 12078 Stockholm, Virkesvägen 5D. 

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